Saturday, February 27, 2010

Wishing & Hoping & Praying

Joanna Newsom, still not in my mail box and that is the greatest disappointment. I've only been able to listen to the new album on youtube because its not posted on any of my other music listening websites. so so so frusterating. I would have just downloaded off itunes but I want the actual CD. Never ordering a CD from them again. They're lame. 

+But i got my license yesterday and now i can get a real job and be a real independent human being!!! hooray!!!

i had a most true sleep over with two of my most true loved besties last night. we stayed up till 5. lately i feel so old. i've got this ache behind my left scapula and a hungry feeling in my heart. *please hope something spectacular happens in the near future*. My littlest sister is such a real human with such true and precious feelings. her tiny heart knows things i've only just barely experienced. Here i am thinking i've been suffering from being abandoned by two sisters in the same 12 months all alone. She's been sorrowing with me the whole time. That sounds like a line from Never Ending Story. Also, Kayla and i are the same person. In SO many ways. feeling desolate for the last several months has been completely unnecessary. but i knew that.