Thursday, July 30, 2009

Don't Tell Kayla

wahahahahah!!!! could not keep it to myself!!!

lets hope her months of bad hygiene in Ghana end before she gets back.
i lub you kayla ann ;))))

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I'm wearing your underwear because i miss you. sorry ;)

From Kayla Ann:
*we filled our belly buttons with lotion and went to sleep to see what would happne?
*rode our bikes to the park listening to 'better togehter' and laying in the grass looking at the 
*we took baths and washed eachother's hair?
*hid an entire chocolate cake in our room and ate it secrely at night?
*ate delicious huge sandwiches under a tree?
did pedicures in bowls in the living room?
watched xfiles and danced ridiculously to the theme music?
flirted with boys on motorcylces on my bday cause we could?
dressed up really cute and went to PF changs and a movie cause we hated boys?
went running and listened to the SAME playlist at the SAME time?
i came to your school and you gave me the best massage ever when i was sad?
you told me how cuite you and justins date was and i cried because of joy?
we ran away from the group while caroling?
we would ride our bikes to the grocery store?
we bought matching angry gumball helmets?
we changed eachothers facebook status and pictures but never got truly mad at eachother?
i bauled at you cause i missed crystal?
you would do energy work on my tummy?
we wanted to sing duets together, but never did?
we saw wicked and loved it?
we would rub ctr on our whole bodies and fall asleep?
explored slc museums and retro strores and the pie?
can relate to the song 'tim, wish you wer born a girl?'
we would go on night runs for cookie dough or ice cream?

From Kjirsty Marie:
*When we would only play with eachother for a whole summer and wait for eachother to get home...hiding from all our other roommates.
*our cutie bike rides!
*reading to eachother from the mammoth encyclopedia of the unexplained at our picnics in the park.
*laying beneath glow in the dark names such as lindsay and rachel (was that it?)
*The day we moved into raintree and i hid in the closet texting you for an hour because i didn't want to meet our roommates without you!
*buuurger supreme ;)
*tie dye double dating!
*crying to eachother about EVERYTHING. 
*Michael Franti many of them!!! wahahah and we would sing bay he bay in an old man cake throat yell!
*dancing in the kitchen and in the hall, heinously and just barely out of eyesight. 
*making our whole living room a bed and having several day long sleepovers.
*meeting moroni at the pool. how is he a real human!?!
*Kjirst & Kayla hate boys date night, we saw the rocker and thought it was the best movie ever! i saw it on sunday. i still love it. 
*terrifying, being chased by you in the dark with your blinking headlamp! i get the creeps just thinking about it. 
*you slipped off the toilet and yelled at me because there was coconut oil on it wahahha ;)
*when you were convinced that the james blunt song said "my life is bread" and you refused to believe otherwise and we fought loudly and laughed hysterically late into the night! 
*cousins dating best friends!!! 
*muldering obsessions.
*The best cross-eyed belching i've ever witnessed. 
*birthday cake making.
*the night we couldn't fall asleep at all so we took showers and talked all night. 
*Violently changing the words to touch my body. yikes!
*chasing eachother down the hall with our shirts over our heads and pants to our armpits. i've seen the possible blackmail pictures and am still frightened. 
*experiences unexplainable. you could even say they were x-files. 
*dancing to our favorite he-who-must-not-be-named song (girl your my guitar).
*possible boycrush paranoia.
*when you'd sing out of tune on purpose and were SO good at it! i couldnt believe it!
*awkward double dates (he's just being mylie???)
*not being able to listen to moby's the sky is broken without fantasizing about mulder.
*crying when we saw wicked because it was us and i had to say goodbye to you! 
*actually saying goodbye to you, i hated it so much but it made me realize how much you really mean to me. i don't know if anyone has meant so much. 

"So much of me is made of what i learned from you. you'll be with me like a handprint on my heart. and now whatever way our stories end i know you have re-written mine by being my friend...who can say if i've been changed for the better? because i know you, i have been changed for good. And just to clear the air, I ask forgiveness. For the things i've done you, blame me for. But then, I guess we know there's blame to share. And none of it seems to matter anymore...I do believe i have been changed for the better. And because i knew you i have been changed for good."

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

3 Times a Day!

is that meals do you ask? no, i've been eating more like 5 meals the last few days. so what could it be, are you asking me? saving rolly pollies is my answer to your question! and i hate it. in fact, i have another number 5 thing...i just saved 5 rolly pollies out of my bathroom. no pun intended! just now. at one time! you can probably look anywhere on the floor in my house and see one crawling to some strange destination such as the massage room or the bathroom. i most do not like when they go in the kitchen. because i always forget about them when i go in the kitchen and then i step on them and they sound crunchy and i always feel bad. how do they even get in here? i told them when i saved those 5 at the same time that this nonsense wont be happening again. down the toilet like cherie said! so get out of my house. the day i find one in my bed is the day i commit murder!!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Sumo of the Day!

So i was reading about Sumo Wrestlers today and according to this i'm on my way to becoming one!!!! hooray!!! just for today. i'll never wait so long to eat the hugest of nachos again. 

Sumo Wrestlers: This is How You Get Fat

There's only one sport where they actually aim to gain as much body fat as possible: Sumo Wrestling. According to this article - here is what a sumo wrestler does to get fat:

1. Skip breakfast. By depriving their bodies of food after eight hours of sleep, their metabolic rates stay low.

2. Exercise on an empty stomach. If their bodies have
no food, their metabolic thermostats are turned down even lower to conserve fuel.

3. Take a nap after eating. The Sumo secret for gaining weight is that, after eating, they sleep for at least four hours.

4. Eat late in the day. Going to bed with full stomachs means that their bodies must respond to the huge flood of nutrients with a rush of insulin, forcing their bodies to store some of it in the cells as fat instead of in the muscles and organs as nutrients.

5. Always eat with others in a social atmosphere. According to leading researchers, a meal eaten with others can be at least 44 percent larger and with 30 percent more calories and fat.

There's a lot we can learn from this...