Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Point Your Nub in the right Direction!

phebus does your arm have an infection???

Places I want to go:


not to the community poo...
or even the community center.
i'd just love to visit a few friendies. 

Nevada City

wah! Ike's Cafe & Asylum Down & Co-Ho's
& the Truffle Shop & pioneer park...

The Yuba River

flower crowns & paper butterflies. sigh. ;)


i've waited long enough!!!

and a little apartment in france ;)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

homework at my parents.

MAKES ME WANT TO SCREAM!!!! WHY!?! so many children! and dogs! and phones ringing! and cookies!!!! oh yikes.

...does everyone REALLY have to come over tonight?  

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Future Career Possibilities...

actually, this is just a list of things i'd love to do...and get paid for ;)

  • Read in a Tree
  • Meditate with Pregnant Women
  • Teach Kids how to make Pickle & Strawberry Sandwiches
  • Always Rhyme when i talk
  • Deliver Flowers by Bicycle
  • Hug Sad People
  • Talk to Old People
  • Take Other Peoples Children Hiking
  • Climb Trees
  • Call Everyone Older than me "Junior"
  • Study the Life Cycle of Asperagis ( & learn how to spell it)
  • Go On Dates with Nerds & be friends with them & if i wasn't so awkward myself i'd teach them how to talk to girls. 
  • Create Herbal Tea Blends
  • Wash Cars & have Water Fights
  • Raise Other Peoples Chickens
  • Be a Personal Assistant to Sting
  • Prom Makeovers!
  • Name Farts
  • Something with People in Rehab
  • Library
  • Teach Harp Lessons the Forest
  • Translate for Handy Cap People
  • Be a Streetside Musician 
  • Tell Bedtime Stories

Monday, April 13, 2009

Riddle Me This...

you know what i was thinking about? 
actually Cherie and I were wondering...
why does celery make your mouth numb? 

Best answer i found:
Most likely the numbing effect you're noticing is from the Eugenol in the celery. It is the same compound found in higher concentrations in cloves.
Oh & guess what.
i found a song about dandelions :) it made me so happy!!!

(to the tune of puff the magic dragon! oh jeez.)
Dandelion flowers are a little sign of hope
Whoever poisons them on lawns would have to be a dope.
Or else someone who doesn’t know
what dandelions do
For our insides and our outsides and for our whole world too.

2) When dandelions are all grownTheir
 puffy heads turn grey
And with my breath I blow their fluff
and watch it float away.
And in the spring it comes again
For us to pick and eat
A yellow dandelion lawnIs Mother Nature’s treat
3) If every lawn grew dandelions
Our air would be so sweet
Our tummies would be happy
They would tickle all our feet.
Every flower stands on guard
To help us day by day
I’ll have a dandelion lawn
Where you can come and Play!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bro's Before Ho's

wahahaha!!!! this has just been stuck in my head all day and i couldn't remember what it was i youtubed it and now i can find it always :) 

Atomic Tangerine

i don't want to be her.
so what am i doing?