Monday, February 16, 2009

Dear Taylor,

Truly, this has been one of the LONGEST weeks of my life! ah! so...wisdom teeth. i got them out monday morning...all 4 of them. they put me out for it which i am truly grateful. first time i've ever been injected with a needle. i later heard ridiculous stories of my post surgery chatterings. something about my gallbladder wanting me to eat more fat & an urgency to see a mirror & hold my teeth in my own hands. Yikes. my mom & i stopped at webot afterwards while we were waiting for my medications to be ready. so cherie & my dad got to see me. i don't really remember any of it, just flashes here & there. cherie later told me i looked like gollum with blood & gauze coming out the sides of my mouth, saying more ludicrous things i'm sure. i then was able to find my phone & send a number of people completely irrational texts. i do remember asking kayla & my friend justin what their "plannings of the night were about" & if they could "beby" sit me. i don't remember much of the first 3 days. i ate nothing the first two days & then only soups the next 2 or 3 days following that. i only just barely started eating real food & it is SO painful!!! my pain medication was a whole lot more intense than was needed. i got to hallucinate quite a bit which i only enjoyed some of the time. i talked to someone about what i was taking yesturday & they said..."you know, thats not too far off from heroin". i believe him. i took my last pill on friday night & have been in agony ever since. saturday i was a monster. a combination of the pain & withdrawals made me moody & emotional all day. i feel like a teething baby, it only hurts less when i'm chewing on something. or more. somtimes it just hurts more. ah! what i would do for some drugs! i can't believe they would give me so little. they didn't even get me through the week! i'm raving mad. you can tell i need them. hahhaha. i can't believe i am saying things like  this! anyway...not much else has happened this week. lots of crazy dreamings, also thanks to my medication. i'm glad you had a dream that i was taller than you. :) thats funny. & that you gave jacob my email adress. i don't think i'm allowed to email him. he just gave me his address to write to. i was going to write him with my family tonight but i ended up taking a forever long nap & not even going. i'm excited for your transfer! i hope everything went well with that! can't wait to hear from you! i love you & think about you every day of my whole life!!!


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Baby food :(

i got my wisdom teeth out this week. so i haven't eaten in...almost 4 days

Soup, yogurt, kefir & pudding do NOT count. i am so sick of pretending to eat! i want REAL food!!!! 
  • a REAL hamburger. & i want my mommy to make it!
  • a corn dog. sick, i know. but i love them & thats what i'm craving. 
  • a burrito! like the one cherie ate the other night...i just watched her and i wanted it so bad. 
  • rice...clayton said i can eat it right now...if i don't chew it. 
  • pot stickers...kayla! i can't wait until you make them! 
  • mmm...eggplant.
  • oh! sushi!!! 
  • i want toast. actually i don't. i'm just saying that because honestly i just want to eat butter. a lot of it.
  • even Ramen would make me happy. 
  • Nachos...i had the best nachos for my pre-wisdom teeth extraction meal. mmm...
  • beets! i could probably eat them now & tomatoes with salt and olive oil. 
  • Pasta with Pesto...ah! 
  • i'd even eat liver! which is one of the only foods i truly do not love. 
  • i want a sandwich with pickles, sprouts, avocado, strawberries, sauerkraut & kefir cheese. possibly goat cheese too. 

hm...or perhaps i'll eat some now. i'm so hungry... 
I look like a cabbage patch doll